Speed of digital

The faster you go, the longer it takes to realize that the last turn was not taking to right direction.


Knowing the direction

Millisecond Digital is company with well-seasoned digital business professionals who have gained their expertise along the construction of world's largest digital marketing and analytics systems of their kind. Decades of experience has grown the sense of direction to DNA.


Bells and whistles

Imagine playing a new song without notes, especially one you have never heard before. Best instruments in the world will not help you on the task but knowing the notes definitely will. Hiring professionals to write the notes for digital let's you accelerate the speed of learning and you'll be humming before you ever expected.


Need help in digitalization?

Millisecond services and solutions at your service:

Millisecond Lab

White coat growth-hacking, from idea to prototype in record speed.

Telemetry and Social Engines

Cost-aware, agile Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, hardware to software. 

Data & Insight

World-class, economical big data solutions from data collection to reports & dashboards.


Project management, agile/lean practices, KPI frameworks, business processes and business fitness.


Data integration and business platform built on latest technologies and tools.

Privacy and Security

We enable your organization to manage your valuable data safe and secure with up-to-date regulations.