CAN#VAS - Internet of Vehicles is here

From sensor to decision, fault code to mission control

Vendor-agnostic and quick to implement, CAN#VAS is capable of unifying and analyzing massive volumes of data from multiple different vehicle types. With this unified data, vehicle and equipment operators can easily identify process inefficiencies and predictively detect equipment performance issues.

The CAN#VAS data collector can be plugged into any make or type of vehicle or machine with a CAN bus. Developed with open and interoperable technology, CAN#VAS has extensive integration capabilities and can also record data from additional equipment in vicinity to the vehicle.

One of the greatest strengths of the CAN#VAS solution is its ability to process and distill important observations from thousands of gigabytes of data. CAN#VAS detects anomalies in vehicle fleet and equipment data and identifies bottlenecks in production cycles that would otherwise go unnoticed. This all adds up to more effective planning, better utilization of machinery and increased safety.

Hardware part is distributed in varying form-factors, depending on the conditions the gear will be installed on, made with components up to IP68 classification (dust and waterproof).

Once registered as a pilot user you will get access to online demo covering all the capabilities of the system.