CAN#VAS for Mining

Case : CAN#VAS to digitalize underground mining

Discussions with Finnish underground mining operators made it clear that the field is ripe for digitalization opportunities. Big vehicle fleet operating underground, invisible to management, expensive equipment and labor-heavy operations managed in a very traditional way. As Millisecond Digital was developing universal vehicle analytics suite (CAN#VAS), it was natural fit to deploy devices to trucks doing hauling in the mine. Underground conditions presented some special requirements regarding fault tolerance and connectivity but nothing which we could not solve.

Hooking the hauling trucks to the system brought up some interesting questions, how much the vehicles are used, what are the driving speeds, is the cycle rotation efficient, and other similar key elements to optimize the process. In addition to logistical data we also took a look at the drilling systems and the data they provide. The major vendors in the mining industry already have their own data solutions, but left un-analyzed the data has low value. Motivated by this untapped potential we began to prepare our data model to support these external data sources. This is now supported by Millisecond Data Integration Platform - cloud based, highly scalable, flexible and agile set of integration and processing tools-to analyze data from multiple sources.

As we gained more understanding of the full operations cycle more data points were identified. Extracting the loading figures from scales and associating that with the respectful vehicle is a good example of a process that can be automated as well as the accurate   measuring the tons being hauled. Tagging more static assets with bluetooth, wifi or other low-range radios allowed now this more intelligent fleet of vehicles to collect the location and status of the surrounding assets.

Aiming to cover the process end to end gives us the feeling that we have only scratched the possibilities there are in terms of digitalization. The promising results of these first steps really proves the value of our solution. The opportunities on efficiency plus cost-savings generated are mind-blowing.

As this study covers a lot of sensitive production figures and performance indicators we cannot openly discuss the examples in further detail, but as this is being written Millisecond Digital is already working on full-scale demo and simulation game to show the full capabilities of digitalization so stay tuned for sneak peaks and next releases.