Gravity profile

What is Gravity profile?

Gravity profile is your fast track to get ready for the new consumer data management requirements set by GDPR

Millisecond Gravity profile platform provides a consumer data management as-a-service solution suitable for small companies and scaling up to large enterprises​. It is modern, advanced cloud-based platform to establish trigger-based omnichannel targeting and customer nurturing.  ​

An always up-to-date near real time view of the consumer with multi-level consent management is key to modern multi channel targeting and mandatory to enable always relevant content to the consumer. We are empowering the consumer to share data and rich profile safely and truly gain control of the use of his or her data.​ Sharing data with multiple companies enriches the data and opens possibilities for a new ecosystem of services utilizing the shared anonymous data. In synergy where both consumer and companies benefit.

What it is for companies?

Easy Transition​

Renewing your IT ready for modern services and GDPR is no more expensive and very complex. We've lowered the investment barrier in many cases with gradual transition option to minimize hassle and keep cost in control. You do not need to replace all of you existing infra​. In a quick pre-study we would be happy to analyze and propose what would be easiest solution and transition process in your case. Contact us to hear more.

Secure, no strong identifiers stored by companies​

Within the Gravity we are not storing decrypted identifiers that can be tied to individual. End user has the control to keys to permit or limit the access to full or parts of their profile data. When data is being shared with customer's permission this rich profiling data from network of companies enables huge increase in targeting accuracy​, saving costs and benefiting customer.

Gravity profile has built-in logical functionality for ”Right to be forgotten” and data portability =  customer controls the access to his/hers data​ and can request the deletion or transport of it anytime. This is one of the trickiest requirements set by GDPR.

Gravity also provides real-time up-to-date consent compliant with changing privacy and legal regulations.

What it is for a consumer?

Full control to profile utilization and consent in real-time along with transparency on how personal data is consumed​. With Gravity the consumer is in-charge of ”selling” data​, leading to data commercialization and market of data, fully controlled by the subject.

Consumer can also gain benefits with ”Ask for offer” by communicating the need to market of multiple vendors​ and vendors being able to find their target audiences with ease and accuracy.

Gravity also allows sharing preferred data with selected companies, leading to enriched service experiences.

Modern technology

Millisecond Gravity is built with latest technologies​

Serverless, cloud-based solution ensures quick start, minimized investment – and easy scalability to global scale​. No traditional SQL databases enables flexible data model​ and easy ingestion of various types of data. Utilization of latest safe identity management and security technologies enables transparent and trustworthy handling of personal data. ​Open APIs & easy integration minimizes overhead with legacy IT infrastucture.  ​