Connecting People, Machines and Places

Boost your daily operations with our agile solutions for heavy industry IoT

Millisecond is specialized in providing hardware and software solutions that can be used in a variety of industries such as mining, harbours, logistics, and Intelligent Traffic Systems /Smart Traffic.

CAN#VAS product family

CAN#VAS is a portfolio of hardware and software components for processing operational data about vehicles and equipment. Trucks, drills, scoops and other industrial machinery can be monitored vendor- independently. Optimizing the use of your assets and operations can bring massive efficiency improvements. What's more: Getting data from multi-brand machinery does not require several separate solutions nor heavy investment.

From sensor to decision

Millisecond data integration platform collects and combines the data from different IoT sensors and devices supplied by various vendors. The data is processed and visualized onto role-based dashboards, providing visibility into the process cycles and notifying about relevant incidents and events. The platform is built on latest cloud technologies and is typically offered as a Solution as a Service (SaaS). The approach ensures a quick ramp-up to production with an affordable upfront investment.

Data cloud services and consultation

We are specialized in software development and integration services in the the areas of big data, analytics, industrial IoT and consumer data. Developing fit-for-purpose applications and scalable IT systems is in our DNA. With our advanced data integration platform we connect people, machines and places.