CAN#VAS Flow: Real time visibility and operations control

Multi-brand data collection for vehicles and other mining equipment

  • For open pits and underground mines
  • Installation directly to vehicle’s existing connectors
  • Send CAN data, location and other measures from any brand and type
  • Utilize existing network connectivity infrastructure
  • Data-ferries secure data availability also from non-networked tunnels

Low investment – Immediate benefits

  • Online KPI dashboards available for operational and service personnel
  • Last known locations of mobile and other assets increase efficiency and safety
  • Visibility to accurate cycle times, utilization and unplanned breaks increase planning accuracy
  • Machine-health monitoring

Optimization decisions of mine operations require accurate information about current performance. Typically there are still areas where detailed facts are missing. We listen to the customer needs, fill the gaps and ensure visibility to the relevant information and to the relevant personnel – as real-time as possible.​