CAN#VAS Kolibri/o

CAN#VAS Kolibri/o for wireless drilling data automation

Automated transfer of drilling data wirelessly for drills of any brand  

  • Send drilling plans to drills over the air
  • Transfer actual drilling data back automatically
  • Drilling plans can be updated based on actual drilling data in real-time
  • Enrich data with 3rd party data
  • Quick to implement
  • Can be plugged into any drill, e.g. Atlas Copco, Sandvik

Low investment - Easy to install – Immediate benefits 

  • No manual uploads and downloads of files via USB memory sticks
  • Get accurate drilling data from the field in real-time
  • Enables a more optimized charging and blasting process
  • Efficient and high-quality drilling
  • Simplified drilling process & increased safety